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Captain Gonzalez, A Good Example Of Peaceful America Featured

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New York,  By: Dr. Walid ElNaggar

Captain Gonzalez and his squad play a positive role in preventing hate crimes. They are active and careful in protecting the events of the Arab and Muslim communities in Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, where a huge Arab community exist. It is an occasion where the Arab and Muslim communities present thanks and show gratitude to the marvelous efforts Captain Gonzalez and his squad are exerting in all occasions of Muslims, which sometimes extend for more than a month; as is the case of Ramadan (the holy month of Muslims) followed By Eid (feast). This includes night prayers that extend for more than an hour, and sometimes to the dawn!

Captian Gonzalez and his squad do their duties with a sincere smile. Such a smile makes one feels real safety and love within the community; a matter that strengthens the feelings of belongingness and affiliation to this great country, which is successful in melting all cultures and religions in one pot. One good example is what this photo records, when this beautiful young woman (a teacher with a master degree in education) wanted to express her respect and gratitude to the police department of Brooklyn, in a way to show the US society that we all is one fabric with all colors! Ms. Islam ElSalawy (the beautiful young woman) said that the values she teaches her pupils in schools has seen and applied in reality. Ms. ElSalawy said that officer Fernando, the responsible for community service from police department 72 in Bay ridge, also did considerable efforts in organizing and communicating with different Arabic and Muslim centers to make their event safe and successful. Also all such efforts and training to officers of different ethnic backgrounds would not have been possible without the real and sincere vision of the officials in higher levels to create a successful atmosphere of love and cooperation, which is free of hate crimes.

No doubt that we, as Arabs and Muslims communities encourage Ms. ElSalawy for her sensitive feeling of responsibility toward her small community as an Arab Muslim, as well as her big community as the great USA. This true relation between police department and the society, specially the Arab/Muslim, creates a positive environment that encourages more development in all fields to our society.

So God Bless America.

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